» Biodiesel Test Report
(The National Small Industries Corporation Ltd.)
Rajkot - 360 003.
Report No. PBD-2
Reports of Diesel Engine Tested on Biodiesel as per Indian Standard's specification 10000 & 10001 of 1981/11170 of 1985, under CSMCRI, project where reflned Jetropha Biodiesel was supplied by CSMCRI, Bhavnagar.
» Engine Details :
    Lister Engine (without any modification) :
Brand : Powerin Sr. No. 30048
BPH/Kw : 8/5.9 RPM : 850
Bore : 114.3 mm Stroke : 139.7 mm
Nominal Comp. Ration : 19:1 Cubic Capacity : 1.4330 Lit.
     Manufactured by : Power Engineering Corporation, Rajkot.
» Executive Summery :
    Following conclusions are made from the results and ovservations.
The bio-diesel is more eco friendly compare to Diesel.
Bio-diesel is the substitue of Diesel
Without any modification in Diesel Engine the Bio-diesel can be used as fuel.
The wear and tear on components is under limit.
Bio-diesel is more suitable fuel for slow speed Diesel Engine compare to high-speed Diesel Engine.
Exhaust temperature is higher compare to diesel operation.
100% fuel replacement is feasible only with pure bio-diesel.
Lubricant oil get early deteriorate compare to diesel due to the glycerin as composition in bio-diesel.
Specific fuel consumption is Higher (8 to 15%) comparing to diesel without modification in Diesel Engine.
The test was conducted for 10 cycle only as per BIS Norms.
To have more details study it is suggested to undergo the test as per IS-10000 & 10001 of 1981/11700 of 1985 which consist of 512 hours test (32 cycle-16 hours per day).
Bio-diesel can be better fuel for future, which is made from agriculture product (Renewable Energy).
Bio-Oil is also one of the alternative fuel can be use along with Diesel up to 20% without refines.
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